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10mm Flat Magenta Wrap Bracelet
11 1/2” My Garden Glass Bowl by Anne Flynn
Asian Dream Stone Bead Necklace by Jan Hart
Asian Fantasy Necklace by Jan Hart
Balance Bird Stake by Fred Conlon
Baseball Scene, 3 Fleas by Jeff and Greg Quayle
Bike with Basket, Texas Map on Light Blue by Lois Froistad
Bird in Meadow by Lois Froistad
Bird with Berries by Sondra Gerber
Bird with Berries by Sondra Gerber
Birds and Birdhouse St. Silver Earrings by McQueen
Black Cha Cha Necklace by Harrison
Black Wrap Knot Bracelet by Trudy Foster
Bloomers, Fused Glass Flowers in Stands by J. DeMoss
Blue Gold Hamsa Necklace by Seeka
Blue Jay S&P Shakers by Ed Miller
Boston Pup Cup by Charlotte Behrens
Brilliant Blue Whole Butterfly Pendant by Simona Dedek
Buffy, Bichon Pup Cup by Charlotte Behrens
Butterfly Necklace by Kristi Harrison
Camper with Map by Lois Froistad
Cat on Rug by Lois Froistad
Catch of the Day by Lois Froistad

204 results

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